Formatting and Compiling

I really like this program but I’m finding that the books I’m reading and the YouTube tutorials are showing me an ease of use and feature options that I can’t seem to access.

In tutorials I have seen when I create a table of contents I am supposed to see a box pop up with settings but nothing came up at all. The only reason I knew I now had a TOC was because it showed up when I chose to compile.

But worse than that when I did choose compile I wasn’t given any screen or box with options like are shown in all the tutorials I have watched or read . So I had no idea what would be included or what format anything would be. Instead of a box popping up to set formatting options all I got was a pop up progress bar that said compiling then done.

The end result was a beautiful formatted ePub book with a linked contents page that had none of my sections and had extra chapters 2 and 5 which take me to a page that simply has a list Chapter 2 Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

(I couldn’t do a mobi version because Scrivener demanded I install Kindle Gen which Amazon no longer offers)

I have no chapter 5 and my Title page is labeled as Chapter 1.

My ebook also includes all my contents on a separate page by parts I II and III with the separate sections exactly as I designed the Content page with the actual names of my chapters and sections but none of these contents are linked to jump to the page like a proper table of contents.

I tried to compile to a word document to see if I could edit my document to reflect the changes I wanted but in Word the complied document was badly formatted as to be completely unusable.

I like this program a lot for what it does but unless I can figure out how to make it work properly so I can create my ebook the way I want it I can’t justify spending 50$ on it after the trial is over.

Can anyone help me ?

Many of the tutorials or books may have been using the Mac version of Scrivener, which is currently very different. When version 3 is released for Windows the two versions will be very similar.

Chapters 22 and 23 of the Scrivener manual cover creating a ToC and Compiling a draft. You can find the manual in the Help menu. Reviewing those chapters may answer some of your questions, but you could also contact

Include as much detail as you can, a screenshot of how your manuscript is structured in your Binder would be useful I think.

KindleGen has been replaced by Kindle Previewer and that can be used to generate .mobi files from Scrivener.