Formatting and Custom Styles

Hello. I’m new in Scrivener.

First, I am visually impaired. I use Scrivener with VoiceOver.

I am learning to use the app, but I have two doubts.

1 - As I’m writing a text, the edit option is disabled. Why?

2 - Create custom styles (color, aligment, size of fonts) is incredible. But I can not do it, why I can not format the text. How to create these styles?

I’m from Brazil

Thank you.

Not being super familiar with the actual daily operation of VoiceOver, could you describe what you mean by using the “edit option”, perhaps using TextEdit as an example so that I can follow the steps and see what is getting in the way, with Scrivener.

With styles (we call the presets, actually, which is why you might have had trouble finding them in the menus, they aren’t like word processor styles, more just stored formatting settings you can apply to random text at a later point), you can create new ones with the cursor in the text you wish to capture, then the Format, Formatting, New Preset from Selection menu command.

I’d suggest, daniloferrari, that you consider applying Format, Formatting, Preserve Formatting afterwards unless you want that “Convert formatting to default text style” overwrite your decision.

I will try to explain better.

Wem I select a text um Text Editor, and go near binder (i think), wem I have a formating area that shows, bold, italic, font color, font size, font style. These options are desabled.

I went to the Formating Menu, but I find, for example, Font Size, but it is not in number, I see bigger, more bigger, samething like this.

Because this, I’m having trouble to make my preset.

I know that have some presets for titles, for example.

But I want to make precets to “thinks” and “shoices”, because the histori will be a first person interactive book.

I think that, if Scrivener, allows us to make presets without an project, for example, we can make an style page, like in CSS, not tiping codes, just selecting formating options.

Waiting for more information.


Are you familiar with using the standard Mac font palette? Try selecting the text that you wish to change the font size on, and press Command T, from there you have access to numbered font point entries, as well as a field to manually type in the number you want.

Oh, I did not know this chortcut. I will tray.

The other elements I think that are in Text menu, I just no remember about aligment…


Yes, most everything should be in the menus. Alignment is at the top of the Text sub-menu, but we also use the Mac standard shortcuts for these:

  • Left: Command Shift {
  • Right: Command Shift }
  • Centre: Command Shift | (the pipe symbol, above backslash on my keyboard).