Formatting and Indentations are WACKY!

Hi everyone,
So I’m currently working on my novel and have previously been writing in Google Docs and Microsoft Word (in order to back-up doc files to a flash drive). I am on my second day of the free trial, and I’ve copy-and-pasted four chapters from Microsoft Word into the Scrivener documents. However, it is increasingly irritating because even when I convert the document to plain text, there are certain paragraphs that are indented further than they should be. Why is this, and how can I fix it?
Thank you,
A Worried Writer

Why are you cutting and pasting? Why don’t you import your Word docs? I think from Google Docs you should export to RTF and import that, but I don’t use Google Docs, so I’m not sure.

File > Import > Files…

Show the Ruler, View > Text Editing > Show Ruler, and show invisibles, View > Text Editing > Show Invisibles, to see what’s going on.



Edit: For your existing documents in your Scrivener project, go to Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting…