Formatting appears off

Hi all,

Question- has anyone else noticed that formatting (specifically line spacing) seems to be a bit willy nilly in Scrivener? Though my book is uniform “2-line” spacing, some 2-line spacing appears to be a bit more than 2-line and some appears actually 2-line. Visually, it’s not a good thing.

I was curious to know if the use of italics or quotation marks might affect the actual spacing? Is there any pre-set formatting that I might need to change to customize it? Has anyone else had this problem?

Thanks for any help.

Laura Anne

Hi Laura,

Scrivener uses OS X’s standard text engine, as coded by Apple, so there is nothing wrong with its layout and formatting in general. The only thing that can make line spacing go off is if you use superscript or subscript characters in your text - italics and quotation marks have no effect on this. You might want to select all of the text and open Format > Text > Line and Paragraph Spacing, set that to you want and hit “OK”. That will ensure the line spacing is uniform throughout.

Hope that helps.

All the best,