Formatting at the compile step

I’m trying to export my manuscript so that it can be read in Word. Unfortunately, I have two issues. First, I’m getting double indentations in my paragraphs. I can’t figure out how to stop that. Second, I’m getting an underscored line as the indentation on my first paragraph of the manuscript. Any ideas on how to resolve either of these issues? It’s driving me bananas. :confused:

Which compile preset are you using, and if you set your project to use a different one, like 12pt Times, do you get the same result?

Note: If you’ve done a lot of customisation to the compiler, definitely use the Save button to preserve your changes as a preset so you can go back to them after testing. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, and don’t see a save button—then this issue isn’t something to worry about.

When I open the “compile” option, it automatically reverts to “custom,” but I switch it over to the novel format option. Then, I’m saving it as .rtf since the .doc option isn’t working as it should.

Saving as .rtf helps, but I still can’t get rid of the underscore at the indentation point of my first paragraph.

“Custom” is fine, all that means is that you’ve made changes to one of the presets. Something as simple as changing the output of italics to underscores can cause it to become “Custom”. Many templates come pre-built to Custom specifications, too, so this can show up even if you haven’t changed anything, but started with a template.

Using RTF will help clear up minor formatting problems, so that’s a good move to take.

If the Novel Standard preset isn’t clearing the underscored indent, it might be a hard-coded tab in the editor itself, rather than a standard soft-indent that the compiler can easily manipulate. I have no idea how those got there, but it’s hard to make recommendations without really seeing what is going on. Do you happen to know if you have been using a pre-defined first-line indent, or have you been manually hitting tab each time you start a new paragraph?

I’ve been using the predefined indent, but for some reason, that’s now disappeared, and I’m hitting manually indenting now. I’m toying with the options, and I think I’ve almost got it figured out. Not quite yet, but working on it. How do I go back to the predefined indents? I actually like that option a lot.

No luck finding it. It used to be that when I started a new paragraph, the paragraph was already indented. Now, when I start a new paragraph, I have to hit the tab key to ensure the indentation is there. Help?

For information on setting up your default formatting, see Appendix B.7 in the user manual (pg. 378). That is all in regards to the Formatting preference tab.

As for the tabs you typed in, if you want to switch back to using indents, you’ll need to delete all of those to avoid having a tab and an indent giving the appearance of being indented twice.

If you haven’t used the tab character for anything else (e.g. special formatting within paragraphs), you can do this quickly by selecting all the documents and viewing them in a Scrivenings session and then opening Find/Replace (Cmd-F). Enter the tab character into the “find” field by holding the Option key while you press tab, and then just leave the “replace” field blank.