Formatting bulleted lists

When typing in a Scrivener text (using the Mac version), is it possible to recreate what Mac Word 2008 calls “Outline Numbered”? Specifically, this allows users to create an outline with multiple levels of nesting, and easily edit those levels.

Here’s an example (though the BBCode’ s own listing limitations do not allow me to display it properly, only to describe it). If I create the following outline in Mac Word 2008…

  1. Foods
    [INDENT ONCE] (a) Vegetables
    [INDENT ONCE] (b) Peppers
    INDENT ONCE Carrots

…I can easily fiddle with the nesting of the outlined items to adjust the bottom two entries (changes noted in red)…

  1. Foods
    [INDENT ONCE] (a) Vegetables
    [INDENT TWICE] (i) Peppers
    INDENT TWICE Carrots

Two questions:

  1. Can I create these outlines with these kind of nesting adjustment functions in a Scrivener text (including automatically changing labels from (a) to (i), etc…)?
  2. If so, can I fiddle with the format? (e.g., change letters/numbers/symbols that I use?

Thanks very much for any help. Apologies if this has been asked and answered–I looked in the manual, forums, and on the web for an answer but couldn’t locate one.

I’m afraid I am a little confused.

Are you trying to create a multi-level bulleted list? Or a file hierarchy with multiple levels, which you then display in outline form?

From your description, I’m guessing the former, but Scrivener’s ability to work with multiple files can sometimes lead to confusion.

It is possible to create multiple-level bulleted lists in Scrivener, using the Format -> Lists commands. And the Format -> Text -> Indents command lets you indent or outdent an item as needed. (Within limits. You can’t outdent a line to the left of the point where it was first created.) You won’t automatically get outline numbering, but changing the numbering scheme will change all items at a given outline level.

If formal outlines are a critical feature of your work, you probably will not be happy with Scrivener’s handling of them. If they are a once-in-a-while kind of thing, Scrivener’s capabilities should be adequate.