Formatting changes in Folders affecting text files

In compile, on the formatting pane, when I select a folder, then choose Options and deselect Remove First Paragraph Indents from Layout Options section, it also deselects the same from my text files in that pane. Is there a way to split that so that I can select each independently of the other?

I have gone through the Scrivener manual and looked at the forum posts but I still have some
uncertainty about the relationship between Formatting levels in Compile and the Binder folders, file groups and files, and also the relationship of settings between the level + and levels, for folders, file groups and files. I have been reading two books on Scrivener, Hewson’s and McElhearn’s, and haven’t found myself getting clarification there either.

Can anyone point me to a specific resource section that I can study to learn more about this? Thank you.


The “Options” button is global, so there “Remove first paragraphs” can only be applied to everything or nothing at all. It’s a single option for everything. Only everything below the formatting list is per-level/document type.

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Ah, that makes sense given the functionality of it that I discovered. It’s great to have a single option for everything. Now, to have the Remove first paragraphs not affect a certain level with the Options/Remove first paragraphs applied, would I check the “as-is” box for a particular folder, file group or file after formatting it with first paragraph indents removed in the editor? Or?

That’s one possibility; if you do that, you’ll have to consider that the “compile as-is” documents will not get any over the formatting you specify in the compile settings, so you’ll need to make sure that not only the indents but the font, line spacing, etc. is exactly how you want it. “Compile as-is” also forces only the document text to be compiled, so if you wanted the titles for those documents you’d need to put that as part of the text (rather than having the compiler take it from the document title), and prefixes/suffixes won’t get added, if you have that set up.

You may not need to do any of that though, since you can choose in the Options to have the first paragraph indent removed from new pages only, meaning that text documents that, when compiled, are separated only by a line break or custom marker won’t be subject to the removal. Only those that start on new pages you’ve defined–either from the document types as defined in the Separators tab or from you checking “page break before” in the Contents tab–will have the first line indent removed. So for instance if you’ve set the text/text separator to an empty line and the text/folder separator to a page break, text documents that follow other text documents won’t have their first paragraph indent removed, but folder text following a regular text document will have the first indent removed. If you’re just compile the folders’ titles and not their text, that folder still defines a new page, so the first text document following it (being the first text on the new page, not including a title) will have the first paragraph indent removed.

I’ve probably just confused things further, so here’s a screenshot that might help:newpageindents-3.pngIf I were really compiling this, I’d probably manually check “page break before” for each of the top level documents before the first folder, since each of those really should be on its own page; doing that will then cause the first line indent to be removed on those as well. (Though probably, since they’re on their own level anyway, I would format them differently from scene documents that are level 2, below the folders, and just not give them an indent on any paragraphs.)