Formatting changes upon file open

After carefully laying out my information, I saved my file.

Upon reopening the file, Scapple has altered the width of text blocks (they are all narrower – thus pushing single lines to be double lines) and some punctuation in some text blocks (’ and &) is being represented with text blocks (as if the font is missing).

This occurs even when the only text in a block is “TBD”… TB is on one line and then D is forced to the next.

As far as I can tell, I believe this issue is a result of a subtle font change. I believe the default sans serif font somehow changed to helvetica between saving and opening. When I selected everything and changed the font to arial, it fixed the missing font symbols and also more closely matched the width of the original text boxes… although by this time, I’d already spent time correcting most of them.

Windows 10

This has also happened to me after hours of work. I started repairing everything which already took a couple hours but I’m worried it will just happen again. Is there a confirmed fix or work around?