Formatting / Compiling Issues

I’m using the current 1.6 beta and have a few questions about formatting with compile that I can’t seem to figure out. Because I imported my work from Word in earlier versions of Scrivener, the text is a bit wonky (such things as spaces between paragraphs that can’t be removed) and a few other issues. Fortunately, Scrivener can clean most of this up on a compile (if I use the override function) but that has led to some new issues being introduced.

The format of my work is based on the Novel template but adjusted somewhat. I have a top level folder for each book, then several subfolders for the book’s sections and finally individual folders that each contain a chapter. I am pleased how the compile function alows me to easily pick the top level folder for compilation which makes hosting multiple books within a project fairly simple.

Here are the basic problems I am encountering:

  1. How to center specific text such as chapter numbers? My chapter numbering is done on the chapter folders as done by the novel template. Right now, this is treated as standard text and so the override function switches it to left justify. My Title page also has this same problem

  2. How to add line spaces above and below scene separators? Currently it adds only the separator itself.

  3. A page break is inserted after each chapter number even though there is not setting to do this that I can find. The compile options I am using (custom) does not have add break above set for any files.

  4. It’s hard to get exact margins such as 0.5 inches when the only option for margins seems to be points. Will alternate mesaurements be allowed in the future?

  5. My title page is stuck at the bottom (since folders are always ordered first) and so is always compiled as the last page. I could create another grouping to solve this but that seems a poor solution. Is there a better way to resolve this?

Any ideas one this? Is this the way it’s supposed to work? If this is all it will do, at least then I know I will have to try some re-copy and paste operations to try and fix my data. I hope this is something that will be resolved by release.