Formatting confusion

I’m running into the following confusion when formatting.

A classic example is bullet pointing:
If i bullet point in scrivener and then export the document to word - all the bullet points are set out to the wrong alignment - they’re too close to the margin and set in front of the paragraph indent - look real messy . It means i have to un-bullet point the list in the word document and then re-bullet point the list again. I then have to realign all the paragraphs and new lines - in word the bullets can read as question marks or blank boxes too (see attachments) … it’s a nightmare.

Why bother doing any formatting in Scrivener at all if you have to re-correct it all once it goes into word. Wouldn’t it be better to just make a note to myself to bullet a list rather than actually bullet it in scrivener ?

I get this with everything that’s set to a margin - margin indents, paragraph indents, new line indents etc. - all of them set out totally differently in word … in some instances the entire paragraph is running right of the page (part of it missing - out of sight) - what’s that all about ??

Is there a way to get the formatting i’m doing in Scrivener to mirror the formatting that occurs in word ?

Can someone help me get this right - because it’s a real bummer against using Scrivener … :cry:

bullets wrong.JPG
bullets wrong 2.JPG