Formatting Differences between windows and mac versions

I’ve downloaded the trial version of scrivener, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it; however, I’m having some issues and I could use some help.

I’ve looked through the user manual and I’ve also just bought “Scrivener for Dummies.” And, I’ve read the post differences between Window and mac, faq, and done general searches trying to find answers.

Here’s my problem. I can convert and export to an ebook format just fine; however, I have three problems:

One, I can’t find the option for “add front matter;”
Two, I can’t figure out how to remove 1st paragraph indenting for the beginning of chapters; and
Three, I can’t figure you how to make the first three or so words of each chapter capitalized.

From what I’ve figured out, these functions may not be available on the windows version. I suppose I could do it manually, which I guess is what I’ll end up doing; however, if there are simple fixes, or I’m doing something wrong, please let me know. I’m just not very good at technical issues, but I’m trying.

Thank you.

There are two different manuals, one for Windows, one for Mac. Be sure you’ve got the Windows version (which is also available by going to the Help menu in Scrivener, so no need to download it separately).

The features you’re describing aren’t in the Windows version that I’m aware of. They’ll make it into some version of Scrivener for Windows eventually, but there’s no public road map for each feature add. I presume that in version 2 of Scriv for Windows, it will be able to do all the same things that the Mac version does, but where the dividing line is, I don’t know.

I’d like to ask for the first-paragraph-not-indented feature to be added to the Win version as soon as possible. From my point of view it’s not a missing feature, it’s a bug: first paragraphs are never indented. If TeX has been able to do it since 1978, so should Scrivener be in 2013… Thank you!