Formatting Doesn't Hold in Scrivener for Windows 3.


Maybe this has been posted and addressed elsewhere, but if not, here is what I am seeing.

When I format my documents in Scrivener for Windows 3 to do the following, the format does not hold.

After compiling the manuscript as a Word document,

  1. The author’s name in the page header does not appear opposite the page with the title in the header. In fact, it doesn’t appear at all.
  2. Page numbers do not appear on every page. It seems to post all even-numbered pages or all odd number pages.
  3. A blank page is placed between the last item in the “Front Matter” and the first Chapter.

Interestlingly, when I import the same Scrivener files from Scrivener for Windows beta 3 into Scrivener 3 for Apple, all the formatting works just fine.

Please advise!

Sounds like an issue with the Word output conversion function. Some of it, though, might be a template issue. The blank page, for example, sounds familiar, and might be a part of some default template.