Formatting Footnotes for Word (.doc)

I need to apply formatting to footnotes when I compile a draft. Specifically, I have to double space the footnotes and set the font size. However, I can’t figure out how to do it, and my review of the forum hasn’t helped - yet. Is this possible in Scrivener?

Scrivener is basically a tool for getting your manuscript written, not formatting it for print. It does have a pretty good collection of tools for printing, but advanced typography and page layout are not things that it attempts to accomplish. If you are down to the point where it matters how your footnotes appear, then you are probably well past the phase where Scrivener is targeted, and ready to switch over to a word processor or page lay application.

The formatting of footnotes in Word is entirely controlled by Word’s paragraph style system. The latter is not really controllable from Scrivener.

Perhaps you have a special Word template set up with the paragraph styling you need for footnotes, etc.? (Templates are just empty Word docs you save as templates in Word’s templates location.)

In that case, you might do best to open the .rtf or .doc file Scrivener compiles, select all, copy, then create a new doc from your chosen template, and paste everything in there. This will make it easy to massage the text, since you will have all your special defined styles ready to hand.