Formatting Footnotes

Hi, I’m a newbie, so excuse the dumb question. I’m writing in a General Non-Fiction format and use Inspector Footnotes. How do I format the footnotes appropriately? i.e., italicized title, parentheses in correct spots, etc. Can the compiler be instructed to handle this with appropriate separators in inspector footnote, or do I have to include formatting in the footnote itself? I can’t find anything that applies to my problem in the user manual or videos. Help would be much appreciated!

Scriv doesn’t know where you might want italics or parentheses. Footnotes serve many purposes, of course, and Scriv has no idea that your footnote text is a citation.

If you want your citations formatted for you, you need a citation manager. In that case you would maintain a database of your references, and only enter a uniquely identifiable temporary citation in your footnote. Later, you would compile to something like RTF format and process that with your citation management software which would replace the temporary citations with formatted ones. I use Endnote for this purpose, but there are other popular apps for the purpose.

Thanks so much for your help. I am familiar with Endnote from using it years ago. Time to dust off the cobwebs.

I use a lot of footnotes. Any formatting that you put in your footnotes such as Italics will remain in your footnote after you compile. You can can just do an experiment with a dummy text and you will see by direct inspection that your footnotes will retain your original formatting.

If you want to use a different font face and font size for your footnotes select that in preferences. Preferences>Editing>Formatting

In Preferences>General>Citations that is where you would select your citation manager. I don’t know how well Endnote works but on macOs Bookends is very popular with Scrivener users. It is inexpensive, the developer is friendly and responsive and it works seamlessly with Scrivener. So if you have trouble with Endnote give Bookends a try. I have no relationship with Bookends other than being a satisfied user.

Thanks so much. Endnote is way more than I need.

If you have an old version of Endnote it may or may not work in newer macOs. Also you can import all citations from Endnote to Bookends if you want to go that route. Here is the URL for Bookends