Formatting for Amazon Kindle and Paperback

Greetings. I am having a problem with how my book appears through Amazon. All my spacing and paragraph indentations are correct in Scrivener, but the Kindle edition has some chapters double spaced, not single like it is in the Scrivener program. For the paperback release, some of the chapters do not have paragraph/quotation indents as I wrote it. In those chapters all the text is slammed over to the left margin, no indents. Arrrrrg! I am having trouble understanding why it would look correct in Scrivener, then translate improperly to Amazon. Very frustrating. Scrivener for Dummies is making me feel very stupid. Is there a Dummies book out there for "Sub-Dummy?

Hello? I need to do something to rectify this glitch. Perhaps there is a new update for the Scrivener program? I am also contemplating putting the book into Word and trying that. Don’t want too, but it’s gotta be right. Thanks for your help.

I’m afraid it’s very difficult to help without more information, since there are no known issues in Scrivener that would cause this, so it must be something down to the specific setup of your book. Perhaps you could post a sample project showing the issue, or write to us at our support address ( AT with more information or the project itself so that we can take a look?