Formatting for Amazon Look Inside is Wrong

I just published my book last night.

I formatted the Acknowledgements and Prologue “as is.” Looking at the resulting MOBI book, the format of these and the other chapters is identical. Everything is OK.

However, when a prospective customer chooses to “Look Inside” the book, there are no blank lines between the paragraphs in the “as is” chapters!

Because I don’t indent the first line, this is a problem, and gives the viewer a bad impression of the book. I’m going to look into it and republish today, but if you know about this, and can give me a tip on fixing it, it could save me some work.

This is a significant problem [Although not Scrivener’s Fault].



Below are the paragraph styles.

My current guess is that the “Look Inside” view ignores anything less than 12 pts.

In order to see what effect a change has, I will have to republish, wait 12 hours, then try the Look Inside again.

Right now, I can’t see what I have the Override formatting set to, because I can’t figure out how to see that in the formatting dialog (see other post).


.scrivener12 {
margin-left: 0em;
margin-bottom: 0.375em;
margin-top: 0.375em;
margin-right: 0em;
text-indent: 0em

Normal Chapters:

.scrivener20 {
margin-left: 0em;
text-align: justify;
margin-bottom: 0.75em;
margin-top: 0.375em;
margin-right: 0em;
text-indent: 0em

I see blank lines.


Congrats and good luck.

Yes, I do too now, because I fixed it.

As soon as I saw the problem, I recompiled with more space between the as is chapters, and republished it, and now it is OK.

If you look on the title page, you should see a version that includes the text “RC7.” That is the fixed one.

My conclusion:

I had 6 pts of space following the paragraphs for the “as is” chapter paragraphs. That is enough for a kindle reader app, but is not enough for the Look Inside app.

Thinking about it some more, I realize that this is not Scrivener’s fault. The problem is that Amazon converts a 6 pt separation of paragraphs into a 0 pt separation.

It would be helpful if Scrivener has a warning such as:

Warning: you have some paragraphs separated by only 6 pts. That separation will not be recognized by Amazon in some situations, so you should consider increasing the separation to at least 12 pts.

However, that might be too much to ask. Perhaps just a note in the manual??