Formatting for Page Count

When I compiled my manuscript in Scirivener as times new roman 12 point my manuscript was 225 pages, but when I converted it to word times new roman 12 point, it was 251 pages.

I am concerned that Sceivener is not printing out with the required formatting. Can you help

There are various factors that could affect this, the most obvious ones being different page sizes and different margin settings. Making sure that both programs have the same settings will eliminate one source of variation. Then there is widow and orphan control – if you have that turned on in Word it could certainly make a difference. Another factor is the amount of padding before or after paragraphs. But even if you adjusted all those to be the same, I wouldn’t be surprised if you got small variations – Word seems to go its own way on lots of things, including (if my memory serves me correctly) the way it displays italics.


On top of everything Martin points out, there’s also the fact that Word and Scrivener use completely different text rending engines, and Word’s version of Times New Roman is slightly different to Scrivener’s (Scrivener’s version is the same as in most other Mac apps, though). When it comes to laying out text on pages, each program can indeed vary slightly. 26 pages is quite a difference, though, so I would recommend creating a PDF file from both programs (go to print - in Scrivener from Compile - and then in the print panel, click on the “PDF” button and select “Open PDF in Preview”). Then view the generated PDFs side by side and scroll down them to see if you notice any obvious differences.

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I like that. I do quite a lot of text rending myself.

“Rendering”, perhaps? :mrgreen:


Ha, yes, but let’s leave it as is - it often feels like “text rending” when I’m writing. :slight_smile: