Formatting for Smashwords [Publishing]

Hello everyone,

I recently bought Scrivener for windows, ran through the 2 hour tut (best I was able). I still have much to learn, but I knew enough to write my first short story. I want to publish it now and looked into sites like Amazon, and then Smashwords. As I want to make it available for free, as Amazon seems “unwilling” as I have read.

I used the short story template provided with the Scrivener software and followed the instructions for compiling. However, after downloading their “style guide” PDF (for Smashwords). It seems like a daunting task for me. I am at page 23/117, and it keeps saying to use MS Word (or Open Office). I have Microsoft Office but my student license (free for anyone in education and with an academic email) ran out. I start University in October 2017 so I will get it again then.

I have Google Docs and Libre Office. But I don’t like switching between programs, I want to use Scrivener primarily to write short stories and novels. I have another program for script writing.

What I want to know is: Is it possible to format my short story in Scrivener for Smashwords formatting guidelines?

Thank you and please take care.