Formatting Header

The title of my book, of course, appears at the top of each page. Currently, it is on the right side of the page. How do I center this header? My guess is that it takes place in Compile, but I can’t figure it out. Help please!

As you suspect, this is handled in the compile settings, in the Page Settings pane. In the Header and Footer section you’ll see a row of three boxes for the header, corresponding to the left, centre, and right placements. Your current set up probably has <$projecttitle> in the rightmost box; just remove it from there and place it in the centre instead. (You can of course just put in the exact text you want; <$projecttitle> is a special tag that will be replaced during compile with the text set for this field in the Project Properties tab of Project > Meta-Data Settings–if you never entered anything custom in that, it defaults to just the name of the project file.) Don’t be alarmed by the grey text in the fields; that’s just standard Mac OS placeholder text to demonstrate what you can type there; it doesn’t compile.