Formatting help please!

So Formatting is my weakness, i’ll admit it.
So i need some help and tips on how to do it the way i want.

I use scrivener for songwriting, i have written a song and now i want to format the sections, headings, verse, chorus’s etc, to different fonts and sizes.
So i have made formatting presets. And that was easy.
The problem occurs when i use a preset on some selected text, and it formats other text on the same line that i’ve already set as a different font that i dont want to change.
how do i stop that?

Another related problem i have is once i’ve selected my font preset on some text, if i then hit tab to move that text, it will change the font to something else. possibly some other font i had there once before.
I dont want it to change simply because i nudge the text around.

any help would be greatly appreciated?


Formatting presets come in two (really three) primary flavours: paragraph formatting and character formatting. To me it sounds like you might be looking more for the latter. When you set up your presets, you are given a choice on how much scope the format will save, and thus apply to the selection when you use it. In the left corner of the new preset box, there is a drop-down menu which lets you choose between character, paragraph, and all. The former will only ever apply the formatting to your selection. This type of preset acts much like the simple character level formatting does, like Bold. If you select some text and apply bold to it, that selection will be changed. If you just leave the cursor blinking then it only changes what you type after using the preset. Paragraph formatting on the other hand will immediately impact the entire line. All is special in that it applies both any character formatting and paragraph formatting to the entire line. If you choose just paragraph, then those things like bold and such will not be applied, so it is useful for setting ruler tab indents and such. Character level presets are probably what you want, if you only want to impact part of a line.

On your second problem, I’m not sure if I follow the description. Could you give an example, maybe even a before and after screenshot?