Formatting how to?

I need an i not I but Scrivener insists that the i should be I in the text. I’m probably looking right over how to do this. I’ve searched and not found anything and browsed Scrivener for Dummies.

How to I get Scrivener to accept the i and stop changing it to I? :confused: If you could even point me in the direction of the instructions I would be grateful.

On a Mac, Preferences > Corrections > Capitalise i.

Similar for you?

In the Corrections tab of Tools > Options, deselect the setting to always capitalise ‘i’. Or if this is a one-time thing and you normally do want a capital I, you can just use Ctrl+Z to undo the auto-capitalisation and then carry on with typing.

Thanks much :smiley: It’s a one time thing. The speaker is trying to describe a necklace with a name where the i has a diamond for the dot.