Formatting in scrivener for iPad Pro

Hi please help. Moved a scrivener Novel from macBookair to iPad pro. formatting is completely lost. the text compiled and became “mouse” type. Can’t seems to reformat

To help us understand. How did you ‘move’ the project?

Macbook Air Dropbox
thank you for the help!

I think it was something I did after the move when I was setting up the material in Scrivener.

What do you mean? Is the project synced with the same folder on Dropbox on both devices, which means you didn’t move it.

thank you for the reply. It’s moved into Scrivener and the formatting is messed up. I’m pretty sure I did something to accidentaly reformat the text which is now tiny and in a narrow column in the center of the writing screen. I tried to retrace my steps and undo this and can’t find the formatting controls to make the adjustment.

Moved how?

thanks for reply. Moved through DropBox. Transport was fine.
But formatting in Srivener is mess up. I think I somehow narrowed the view and miniatured the font. CAn’t find the command to undo

Moved how?
Describe your actions to ”move” the project.
”… through Dropbox” doesn’t describe what you did.

Is this a formatting issue, or a display issue?

Is the problematic formatting on the MacBook, on the iPad, or both?

If just on the iPad, check to see if it’s simply a zoom issue––in example, an inadvertent gesture.

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