Formatting in Wrap mode

I am an absolute beginner so apologies for the question, i’m sure I should be able to resolve this, but it is driving me nuts! I have just gone through the interactive tutorial in Scrivener and enjoyed some of the settings. In particular the width of the page when the document is in wrap mode. In the tutorial, the page width in the editor is the full width of the editor window. I have imported a document from word, and the text is fine. But the document is visible as a page outline, even when it is in wrap mode. THere are grey bars on either side of the page when it is in wrap mode, and then it is just hard up to the left when it is not in wrap mode. I can’t see how or where to get the page to be full width in wrap mode. Does that make sense?

When I go to increase the size at the bottom- it increases the text size, but does not increase the page width. So if I go to 150% it fits about 5 words accross the page… :cry:

Thank you! It’s not a big deal, but I’m finding it very distracting. I just want the page to show full size… in the editor window. With no greyed out sides…

: )


Hi Katie, and welcome! :slight_smile:

In Scrivener > Preferences, choose “Editor” at the top, then make sure that in the “Wrap to Editor” section, “Used fixed width” is not selected. That should be all you need to do, unless you’ve also switched on Page View mode at some point in trying to adjust the settings, in which case just choose View > Page View > Hide Page View.

Thank you so so much. That was all I needed to do and it’s made me very happy. I love this program. I’ve got a lot to learn- that was the tip of the iceberg but I’m so grateful because it had become a fixation and I couldn’t move on!

Very grateful,

See you around the posts. :smiley:


Glad to help. :slight_smile: Don’t worry about trying to learn everything; until you need a particular function, I don’t think it’s helpful to try to cram every possible feature and way to use it into your brain. The interactive tutorial should have given you a good overview of Scrivener’s basic philosophy: separating writing from formatting/layout and writing in sections that you can easily move around, view together, chunk further, etc. That’s good to know up front, so it can start shaping how you approach writing in Scrivener. Then the other tools the tutorial touches on–comments, collections, search, meta-data–you can dig into as you need them, since you know they’re available, without having to memorize it all first.

After that, the forums are a great resource when you have a goal in mind and don’t know how to achieve it in Scrivener. You’ll usually get a lot of different ideas from the folks here, with tips on how to use Scrivener’s features or where to find more info.

That’s a great tip. Thank you. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the detail, but I think you’re right- I’ll just keep using it to find out what I need to know!

My next main goal is to work out the interface with Endnote. I think it is covered in the tutorial though… I’m writing a PhD so it’s an important aspect.

Thanks again for your help. I’ve already recommended and ‘sold’ about 6 copies of Scrivener at my Research Methods class. Expect a surge of questions to occur from Melbourne. :laughing: