Formatting is different after update

I just updated the 3.1.5 and it ruined all my formatting. I do my own formatting using the N/A in compile and have had no problems for 6 years for either mobi or epub. It is now totally unusable. The font is wrong, the spacing is wrong, the headings are wrong, each chapter starts right under the other. I really hope I can get some solid support because I’ve always felt the support here is vague to be honest, but maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong place. Is there any way I can revert to the previous version that had epub and epub2, etc.

I’m starting to think i need to move on from Scrivener. Thanks for nay help.

Well, to start with it might help to tell us what version of Scrivener you updated from. For instance, if you were previously using Scrivener 2, the Compile command has changed dramatically and you might want to take a look at our upgrade guide, here: … date-guide

If you find support through the forums to be “vague,” that might be because the forums are primarily frequented by users. For “official” technical support, you should open a ticket here:


I believe I was 3.1.2. I updated about a year ago. This is what the compile looked like if that helps. There were two ePub options and two Mobi options on the top bar for compiling ,as well as more options on the left panel. I could manually configure my ePubs and Mobi perfectly. Any help would be great. Mac user.