formatting is not retained

I know I applied my default text formatting to my entire project, then even did a manual save. Yes, I did this one chapter/scene at a time.[documents > convert > text to default formatting] I continued working for a while, then exited scrivener. When I reopened the project, none of the formatting was there it had all reverted.

I suspect you opened a slightly older copy, after changing the formatting.

I say that because I can’t imagine many documents being changed and all of them being being mysteriously UNchanged.

Don’t make copies, and this won’t happen. File/Save As is the culprit in many an unfortunate happenstance.

No I only have one copy and I know I opened the same copy.

Double- and triple-check. I doubt there’s a bug smart enough to remember you changed a bunch of formats and when the project is closed, change them back. The documents are a bunch of individual RTF files, not one file the bug can screw up all at once. Scrivener doesn’t save all of them at the end in a bunch, either … unless, perhaps, you have autosave turned off in preferences? I’m not talking about automatic backup, I mean the automatic save of individual documents 3 seconds after you briefly stop typing. You could have changed 3 seconds to a much larger number, like an hour (if all the formatting changes happened in less than an hour). Only then would all the documents be written at the same time. Maybe not even then.

It is a beta, of course, so anything could happen, technically.

It’s set to 7 seconds, but it’s turned on.

ariffraff demonstrated the problem for me in a Zoom session. It’s a bewildering bug with these characteristics:

  1. If she uses Convert->Convert to Default Formatting (a double-spaced paragraph format), closes the project, and reopens it, it’s as if the reformat didn’t happen (almost). The change didn’t “stick”.

  2. Why I said “almost”: when she reopens, line heights in the converted document are set to At least 24.0 points, rather than the new default 2.0 multiple or original multiple … but they display as they did before the conversion.

  3. Applying double-spacing manually (not using Convert to Default Formatting) DOES stick.

Correct, Ann?

I have noticed something quite similar but only recently.
I am using a format style that I title “APA Body” (name not relevant). When I first set the style (or it happend by default in the newline on “Enter”), the display for line spacing is 2.0x . When I return the next day, I note the line spacing is now >32.0 . This appears to be quite random. When I re apply the style “APA Body” twice (once to remove, second to reapply) the 2.0x annotation has returned. However, there appears to be a quite small shift in the positioning of the writing as well.

That does sound like a related issue.

I have the same problem