formatting issue (keeping italics)

Hi all.
I have been using scrivener for the last ten years and using it in the last four to write my dissertation. I’m going through a final edit (it is due Monday!) and trying to address different formatting problems. In parts I use 2.0 line spacing, in others 1.2, and I am trying to unify them all. I also use a lot of italics and block quotes. In trying to make the document all the same, every time I try to use presets I lose all my italics and block quotes. Is there a way I can preserve these and still create a document that looks unified? I hate having to go through paragraph by paragraph.
Thanks for your help.

Have a look at this knowledge base article and see if it helps you out. There are tools specifically designed to clean up bulk text in the project itself, which are described there (and it is possible to have the main tool, the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style command ignore tab stops and indent markers, which I presume is what you are using to format the block quotes).

Furthermore you might consider just not bothering with the formatting in the text editor itself, as the compiler is designed to allow you to unify text formatting when you export the draft folder as a document. With block quotes, if you haven’t been using Preserve Formatting (which looks like a blue box around the block quotes), then you’ll need to go into the Formatting compile option pane (where cleaning up the formatting is set up in general) and click the Options… button along the top of that pane. In there you will find an option for preserving tabs and indents. That way you can override the font, font size, line spacing and other attributes, but your block quote formatting will not be touched.