Formatting Issue (Newbie)

I am just now learning the ins and outs of Scrivener. Today, I opened a project which had a horizontal split screen between two nearby chapters. The text in the bottom window is only extending across half the width of the window, instead of all the way across, as it is in the upper window. Switching back and forth, I can’t tell what settings are different between the two with respect to margins, etc. Any ideas would be appreciated – thank you :slight_smile:

I should probably add that I synchronize my files using Dropbox –

I’m not a Windows user, but it sounds as though the splits have different view types. On a Mac, you’d check View > Page View. Expect there must be something similar in Windows.

Are you looking at two different documents? It sounds like one might have a right-indent set, so text is wrapping at that point rather than at the edge of the editor. You can toggle on the ruler for each editor by clicking into the editor and choosing Format > Show Ruler, so you can compare where the indent marker is on the right. To remove the right indent, so text wraps at the edge of the editor (equivalent to wrapping at the right margin when printed or compiled), select all the text, then drag the right indent marker all the way to the right edge of the ruler. It should move with the edge of the editor if you adjust the editor width.

To reformat imported documents quickly, you can use Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style, which will update the selected documents’ formatting to match whatever you have set in the Editor tab of Tools > Options.

Thank you both for your help. This evening when I reopened the file, and switched from vertical back to horizontal split view, everything’s back to normal. For the record, the two windows were looking at two different chapters of the same document. If this happens again, I will have your suggestions handy. Thanks again 8)

Whoops. Just now I returned to the project and it’ was wrong again. Your suggestion fixed it, Mimetic