Formatting issue with lists


I am having a formatting issue when I use lists.

The default formatting has an indent at the start of each paragraph. However, if I use a list and then press enter to end the list, the text below no longer has the standard indent. How can I stop this from happening?



Bullet points are weird in Apple text programs. The same thing happens on TextEdit: the text engine overrides the ruler back to the default and ignores your last setting.

The workaround in Scrivener is at the end of the last item press return once for a new item then once again to get rid of the list formatting in the normal way, then if the new paragraph doesn’t respect your indent (it doesn’t for me, either), then just reapply the default paragraph with the short cut (cmd-opt-0) and that should do it. It’s a pain, but it’s only one additional keypress and it becomes automatic after a while.

Or …
Make the additional return before making the list, back up one line and write the list. When you are done, just down-arrow to the next line.

Thanks for these suggestions. It’s a bit of a pain but the keyboard shortcut seems like the best option!

Hi again,

On second thoughts, I have one more question: is there a way to change the default paragraph setting which Scrivener automatically goes back to after a list?



I don’t think so. The issue is that Scrivener’s styles are a proprietary improvement on the basic Apple Text engine, but Apple’s bullets do their own thing. They have never worked logically. When you terminate the list, the list (‘none’) ruler seems to persist, even though you may have applied No Style to the items in the list beforehand. (I don’t know, this is just my uneducated guess.)

That’s why I think the easiest solution is just cmd-opt-0 to reapply.