Formatting issue

I have five chapters written in my new project. Oddly enough the spacing is different with some of the chapters. By this I mean that there is a hard break after a paragraph that leaves a blank line before the next paragraph. This is only happening with one of the pages and with any new pages that I create. I’ve tried adjusting the font, the font size, and the line spacing without a resolution. I’ve tried copying excerpts from properly formatted chapters and pasting them into a newly created blank chapter only to have the black line return after I pasted the text I needed into it and hit return to continue on.

This isn’t a huge issue since I’m still in the very beginning of the project but I’d like to have the matter resolved. I’d also like to understand what, if anything, I could have inadvertently done to create this issue.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Does anyone have a clue why this has happened?

I’ve continued working with the deviation. While its quite minor I’m certain it will not stay that way when its time to compile.

When there’s a spacing anomaly in a document, I’d be sure to check for an invisible table. Suggest you right click in the area and see whether “Table” or “Insert Table” comes up in the context menu. If the former, enter Table Properties to add some border pixels to make the table visible.

“Show Invisibles” may also reveal the culprit.

Good Luck – Jerome