Formatting issues - chapters are coming out differently

I have an issue with Scrivener where my chapters/sections are not formatting correctly. Some are overriding the settings in my Compile.

I’ve gone and had a look at the actual .rtf files in the .scriv, and it seems the problem chapters have this code on them:


Whereas the chapters that are exporting fine have nothing, just text.

What’s causing this and how can I fix it? Currently the only way seems to be to duplicate a section that is working, and paste the text from a problem section into it, then rename that section.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice!

That’s not a good thing to see. That is one of the markers Scrivener user to show where styles start and stop. It means something in the formatting of the document is such that it is interfering with how it reads them. Would it be possible to get a copy of this project sent to tech support, or even just the chapter that is messing up, along with the compile settings necessary to see the problem? If so, make sure to tag this thread URL in your email so that whoever gets it can alert me.

Like you say, wiping out the formattinga and redoing it should fix it—but it would be nice to figure out what is going wrong so that we can try and catch these cases and handle them more gracefully in the future.

Thanks - I’ve done some more tests and it seems to be from a style I’ve created called “Novel” which gives me space between paragraphs while typing. If I apply this style in iOS (because iOS never seems to respect my preference to have space between paragraphs when creating new documents) then it seems to transfer fine to desktop.

But if I apply the style on desktop, it gets stuck there and goes in the compile. So possibly there’s nothing wrong and it’s just me not managing to override this in my Compile settings?

I’ll make a sample project and send it to tech support, thanks for your help.

This doesn’t sound like there’s any issue. If you inspect the RTF files inside a .scriv project like that, then you will indeed see such markers for paragraphs with styles. And a styled paragraph will affect how the text is compiled, since the style will get reapplied during Compile. To fix it, you either need to remove the style from the text, or override it during Compile.

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