Formatting issues exporting into ebook formats

I have “Scrivener for Windows & Linux version - 13 Sep 2019” on Windows 10.

I’m using the default “novel with parts” template and compile it as “ebook with parts” into MOBI. I have a number of small problems with the formatting.

  1. The level 1 files (foreword, appendix, etc) increment the chapter counter. This means that my first chapter of actual text is “chapter 3”. How do I customize the formatting so that only level 2+ folders increment the chapter counts? Here’s how the project is structured:

Just to be sure, I also tried moving the non-chapter stuff into the “Front matter” section, but the first chapter in the “Manuscript” section still started as “Chapter 3”, and my foreword / appendix texts didn’t get included at all.

  1. When I export into MOBI and open the exported file in Kindle for PC, the text is formatted into two columns of text:

However, if I open the same file on a Kindle, the text is formatted correctly in a single column. Is this a problem in Kindle for PC, something in my project settings or KindleGen?

  1. Is it possible to automate adding a page break between level 2 folders? Right now I have to go into the compile menu and manually add a page break between each chapter.