Formatting Issues When Compiling

Hello, I searched for this and could not find an answer anywhere so maybe it’s just me. I am running Beta 2.0 on Windows 7 and whenever I compile I lose all reference to italics. It does not underline it even though the box is checked, nor will it appear as italics if I uncheck the box.

Also, when I set a right margin and compile, even when selecting “as-is,” It does not work in any format.

Other than these two things I absolutely adore this software and think it may be the thing I needed to fix my terrible organization skills!

I haven’t reproduced the margin problem–compiling as-is with that leaves it in place for me, but I’ve only tested with RTF and PDF.

For the italics, though, I get the same (no italics) when the “override formatting” box is checked in compile, even when the font selected has an italic option. The italics appear properly if the document is compiled as-is or if the box is overriding formatting is unchecked; likewise in that case the italics will correctly switch to underline if that option is set. Tested with PDF and RTF, opening in Adobe Reader 8 and Word 2002.

Win XP Pro SP3, beta 2.0

OK, if I uncheck override formatting as MimeticMouton mentioned (Thank you!) I do get the underlines and/or actual italics. My right margin still doesn’t work, but the other formatting holds. But if I run a compile on the tutorial, I get all the correct formatting changes PLUS the underline and/or italics. I hate formatting first if I can avoid it so is this still a bug or just an issue I will have to accept?