Formatting issues when exporting ePub to Nook Press

Hi there,

New to here but not new to Scrivener. I’ll get right to it, I’m having some major formatting issues with an ePub file I’ve output from Scrivener when uploading it to Nook Press. When I open the ePub in my computer Nook/Kindle/Adobe apps, it looks perfect. When I upload it to Nook Press, it looks good in the manuscript editor. When I go to the previewer some formatting issues occur (centered text is missing, left and right justifications are not there, some words are out of place) and when it’s on an actual Nook, it’s even more of a mess. Why does Nook not allow me to preserve my formatting and if anybody has any ideas how I can fix these issues, I’d love to hear them. I’ve tried messing around in the compile settings in Scrivener, I’ve tried to manually insert the formatting in the manuscript editor, and I’ve talked to Nook Support. I can’t find anything with Google so I’m hoping y’all can help out.

Again, I’m hoping this is a good place to ask as it’s getting frustrating. Thank you!

A number of users have reported this kind of strange Nook-related problem. Briefly, it seems that the Apple text system, which Scrivener uses to generate HTML/ePub files, can apply formatting commands in a way that the Nook does not handle correctly.

The other user I helped with this problem had tab characters appended in front of her paragraphs. Stripping them out fixed the problem. Without more information, it’s impossible to say whether that’s your situation as well.

More generally, Sigil, an open source ePub editing tool, uses the HTML Tidy utility to cleanup stray formatting commands automatically. Something like that might be the easiest and fastest way to correct your issues.