Formatting issues with bullet points and lists


I’m writing a short ebook, and I’m having trouble with bullet points and lists.

When I apply a list style to my list items, Scrivener applies the list style to all the text in the container and not just my list items. It’s also inserting an indent before each bullet point.

And when I try to add an item to my list, I can’t seem to do it without messing up the formatting of the container.

The only way I can fix this is by creating the list in a separate container and then copying and pasting the list into the container I’m using.

Is this a bug?

Thanks for the help.

That sounds like a formatting gremlin to me. It could be the original text had a list style applied to it, and then the bullet got lost somewhere along the way, so it’s now an “invisible” list. I would try, as a test, take a Snapshot so you can revert back to the original if things get worse, and then select all of the text in the file that is causing issues, and set the list type to “None” in the Format/List/ menu. Now go back and apply bullets to the things that should be lists.

I turned on invisibles and manually deleted the lists. I’ll try the snapshot too.

I have a ton of issues with Scrivener’s bullet system sadly. I’d love to see this evolved in the next build. IE backspacing on bullets or event reverse indenting can cause weird alignment issues and more problems. This is tough since I rely heavily on bullets in my revisions.