Formatting issues


Sorry I wasn’t able to dig deeper in the forum, probably this has been answered before. I also didn’t have time for in-depth reading of the manual yet. Will come.

I am currently compiling to PDF, and I haven’t been able to solve the following formatting problems:

  1. I don’t know if / how it’s possible to control spacing below a title or above a paragraph.
  2. Bulleted lists don’t get the right indent when compiling (cf. attached screenshot). How / where are they controlled?
  3. When copy-pasting documents as ToC, page numbers are not aligned to the right, ToC looks broken (also in scrivener, not only in the export).

Not that important, but maybe interesting:

  1. For doublesided printing: would it be possible to force a certain type of document (say folder on level 1) to always appear on an uneven page?

Thanks for your help!
Scrivener 3.png
Skim 3.png

I got a step further now: if I compile the ToC “as-is” and add a tabstop to the right, I get an acceptable output.