Formatting issues


I’m using a clean install of Scrivener and have created a new project using the default, out of the box settings.

I haven’t used Scrivener on Windows for a while so maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I have these two issues:

  1. I’m about to type a Title or Heading (etc) so I select Heading from the dropdown and type the heading. After using the Return key I would expect the formatting to go to Paragraph but, no, it remains at Heading and I have to set it to Paragraph AND then turn off the Bold option! That can’t be right - it’s incredibly frustrating.

  2. My first few paragraphs were nicely formatted with the first word indented. After a few paragraphs this stops and the first word is fully left justified… Why? And I can’t find a way to fix it properly. It happens on the iPad version but there’s a menu option (Restore Formatting or something like that) that sorts it out.

These two problems are slowing me down so much that I’m considering using MS Word instead :frowning: so please tell me it’s easy to fix and that I’m doing something wrong…


Do I take it that this is how it’s supposed to work??