Formatting list numbers


I’d like to type an typed outline so the numbers appear as such:

  1. Topic
    a. sub topic
    1) sub sub

etc. It doesn’t have to be this exact number scheme, but something to differentiate indented numbers from not indented.

Can this be done in Scrivener?

There is nothing fancy here, just the list tool in the Format Bar (or the Format/Lists/ sub-menu). Simply use tab and shift-tab to change the indent, and apply an enumeration style with the Lists menu. The numbering forms you mention are supplied as defaults, but you can make custom list types as well. As I say, it’s nothing fancy though—you can’t save multi-level enumeration schema into a style and use it repeatedly throughout the draft like you might in Word. But for simple listing it does what needs to be done.

Is there any update to this? I’d very much like to able to use custom list styles without having to customize it each and every time. I basically want it to do what word can do in this regard. Is that possible yet?

Not to my knowledge. I’ve looked at the listing tool in 10.10 TextEdit and Scrivener and it appears to be at the same (identical, even) level of sophistication as it had back in Mac OS X 10.4, when lists were first introduced, nearly ten years ago.

Please do send in your feedback to Apple if you would like them to spend some time updating their text engine.