FORMATTING: Mac > Windows

I understand the 2 are separate and very different platforms. But maybe someone has some tips on how to deal with the following:

  • Bullets points / lists (at the moment it doubles, when reopened in Windows)
  • Highlighting always start from newline

Which version of Windows Scrivener? If you’re using the Win Scrivener 3 beta, this should go in the beta forum.

(Let me know and I’ll move the thread.)


MacOS: Scrivener 3.1.5
Windows: Scrivener Beta

I did some more testing.

When you create it on Windows, go to Mac and then back - formatting will stay throughout.

On the contrary, If you start the list on Mac, then go to Windows, and back to Mac - formatting will be left-aligned (feature or a bug). Any attempts to edit the listing (on either platform) it will break it :confused: What I mean by “break”, is that the numbering will just start shifting all over, 1 will be 2, and then will become etc.

[size=150]Text Highlighting:[/size]
In regards to Text Highlighting, I guess its just a bug on Windows Beta version. After Enabling Ctrl+shift+L the Invisibles, you can see that if the text was highlighted, you can never achieve a paragraph break . Thats why when you reopen then the same file on Mac, text highlighting will just continue to the next line.

The only workaround right now is to:

  1. Hit Return/Enter to create a Paragraph Break
  2. Apply Style
  3. Hit Return/Enter
  4. You finally escaped the highlighting. And when opened in Mac all should be great.

[size=150]To sum it all up:[/size]
On Mac Text Highlighting works amazingly well, but not Hierarchical Listing :cry:

Moved to beta forum. – Katherine