Formatting: No title on front matter


I’ve set the formatting to include the title on all documents in the e-book, but I would like to not inclde the title on the front matter.

How do I set that up?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT I also have a last page that I do not want to include the title in. Is it possible?

EDIT 2 Ah, the “as-is” option in Compile seems to do the trick. :slight_smile: - Crisis averted. Sorry.


Seems you’ve solved this, but for future reference your other option is to make these files either a different type in the binder or (more commonly) set them at a different level in the binder hierarchy, so that they can be formatted separately within the compile Formatting pane. You can add rows to the elements table there and then select and format the rows individually, so instead of having, for instance, single documents Level 1+ you could have two single document rows, Level 1 and Level 2+. Level 1 are the items that are immediate children of the Draft folder, Level 2 are children of the immediate children, and “+” just means “and all the following levels”. So this would let you format the Level 1 documents one way and then all the others (Level 2+) another, including which elements (like Title) are compiled.

If you’re not using actual binder titles but are just using a prefix generated during compile such as “Chapter 1” and so on, you can suppress that on select documents from the Title Adjustments tab in compile. (This only appears if you do in fact have a prefix or suffix for some of your documents.) Using different levels and formatting them differently will work for handling titles or for prefixes/suffixes; this method is for those documents that would normally have the prefix/suffix included by the formatting for their type and level but just need that one bit excluded.