Formatting Notes

Having used Scapple a lot, if there are any future updates, can I please request the ability to make multiple formatting changes to a note at the same time.

At the moment, if I want to change the formatting on a note so that it has bold text, a square 3 px border, and the box is filled red, I currently have to select the note I want to change, open the formatting menu, select FONT then BOLD … then the formatting menu automatically closes so I have to open the formatting menu again, select BORDER and change the thickness … then the formatting menu automatically closes again, so I have to reopen the formatting menu for the third time, re select the BORDER menu I was just on to change the shape … then go through the whole process again in order to change the colour … :confused:

It would be much easier if I could just select a note or notes, then open the formatting menu once and tick several options at the same time to format everything in one go.


There are two features designed precisely for this sort of task:

  • Styles: for the stuff you tend to apply repetitively over and over, particularly if there is a good name for the kind of thing the formatting is meant to represent. Select an example note, use the Format ▸ Note Style ▸ New Note Style from Selection menu command, and set up what should be saved about it.
  • Copy & Paste Formatting: for cases where you want to apply a note’s formatting to several other notes, but don’t intend to do so frequently, there are the Format ▸ Note Style ▸ Copy Note Style and ▸ Paste Note Style commands.

In both cases, select all of the target notes at once, and use either the style menu or the paste command to batch apply the formatting.

Thanks for the response. Will try that.