formatting of paragraph when I compile project

I am trying to compile my project so that I have an rtf backup. I’ve done this with several other projects without the issue, but this one manuscript seems to resist proper formatting again and again. Everything comes out fine except one single paragraph, which is cut off in the right margin by about an inch or so. All my margins appear to be set the same. Does anyone know why this is happening? Thanks so much for any help!

Was the text of the offending paragraph pasted into the document from another source (perhaps Word or Notepad or a PDF file)? Or was it typed in by hand?

I’m not entirely sure. Probably was copied from another source, but if that’s the case so was most of the project, including parts that were unaffected. It’s not terribly problematic at this point (I just want to have my work backed-up in another format), but I suppose it could become an issue if I can’t figure out what I did (or didn’t do) to cause it.

Thank you!

The easiest fix is probably just to retype the paragraph by hand immediately after the original copy, then delete the original. Recompile and see it that fixes things. Don’t copy and paste a copy since that will just duplicate whatever formatting is causing the problem.

And take a snapshot first in case you want to restore the original.