Formatting of Word to Scrivener

I use Microsoft Word on my tablet and Scrivener on my PC. When I copy what I’ve written on Word into Scrivener it’s all pushed to one side, it never passes the middle of the page. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

This often happened to me; the text was in a fairly broad column, but I liked this! Later, for some reason, when I interacted with the text, the text went from edge to edge (which is how you imply you expect it to look), and was very hard to read.

So I don’t know what makes Scrivener do this; perhaps something that brings in the width of the text in from Word. But if you don’t hate it, just live with it. As long as there are no hard returns in the middle of a paragraph, when you get output (in the form of a Compile), the text will look exactly as you want it to look.


Try to use Edit -> Paste and Match Style


Aha! Thank you, that is exactly what I wanted.