Formatting on Project Replaced Word


I apologise if this has been mentioned somewhere earlier, but I could not seem to find anything.

Am I doing something wrong?

I really like the project replace option – very helpful, when a character/place name begins to annoy, but am I right that as yet there is no way to impose formatting upon the replaced word?

I have names of vessels I would like to italicise, for instance. Is there a way to do this that I have missed, other than to laboriously find and amend each one?

If Scrivener is not yet equipped to handle this function, may I ask if it is slated for an update any time soon?



PS: I forgot to add that I would also like to highlight the replaced word and again I cannot see a way to do this.

Project Replace should replace your word with the same formatting used in the original. If you have the word “whale” in italics and replace it with “shark”, “shark” will also be italicied. There’s no way to change the formatting, however, e.g. you cannot replace unitalicised “whale” with italicised “whale” (or anything else). This kind of wholesale formatting replacement would be best done in a word processor after compile, though if it’s a word that doesn’t have too many hits, you could chug through it pretty quickly using the project search for the term, loading the results in a Scrivenings session, and then using shortcuts for Edit > Find, Find Next, and the formatting to skip to each instance and format it.

This sort of formatting replacement function isn’t on the immediate list, but it’s possible something will be added in future as we hammer out a styles system. It may still be out of scope.

As far as highlighting, while this isn’t a permanent highlight, running a project search will highlight the term within your text. That can be handy when you’re trying to expunge your personal overused words or such. When you close the search results (or the search collection) the highlight will disappear, but it remains as long as that search is active, even when editing.