Formatting options coming for MacOS not present in iOS version?

Hi there,
after you conquered me some years ago and I waited a lot for iOS version, about which I’m really happy.

Did this due premise,there’s one thing that I don’t understand about the iOS version (but maybe it’s me and I cannot find it… so I’m asking for support).
When I’m reviewing a text I’m used to format it in many different ways. I use underline for one thing, bold for another, but not only… even double underlined, dotted underlined and so on… After working on Scrivener on my MacOS (version 2) I went to iOS and I was happy to see that everything was there, inlcuded the double and dotted underlinings… BUT, unfortunately, even if it’s perfectly displayed, I cannot perform them directly in iOS (iPad).
My questions are? Is there a way to do double or dotted underlining? If not, why don’t you make available this formatting option in iOS version, as iOS is displaying them perfectly (so, it’s not a graphical issue and it should be just a problem of introducing the options… or why it’s not so simple and I am wrong? (That said, if they’ll be introduced, it would be really good to have them assigned to a shortcut too: shortcuts are essentials to really work on iPads: the more you have, the best - I’m sincerely waiting the day in which they’ll be configurable by the user - in ALL softwares, not yours.)

Many thanks in advance for your time and attention,
kind regards,