Formatting options for research card text

I would very much like to have options for formatting text for research cards.

It would be great to be at least be able to use bold/italics etc while writing text in research cards on the cork board. When taking notes it would be good to be able to emphasise points. And with quotations recorded it is important to be able to replicate when an author uses italics etc in the original.

We can change font for cards in Preferences, but the card itself - as I understand it - is only a plain text field.

I hope you will consider this for a future update!

I would consider the Document Notes feature to be more what you are looking for, if you need to use formatting to take notes. You can have this Inspector open beside the corkboard so that it shows notes for whatever you have selected. The idea is to put a short identifier for the title, a longer description of the research if needed into the synopsis, and then use the actual content areas such as the main text field or document notes to record the content itself.

Think for instance of the “Spotlight Comment” field in Finder. When you select any file at all in Finder, you can hit Cmd-I to get info, and type in a comment. That is what the Synopsis field is, and like the synopsis field, a Comment is just a plain-text simple and short field. Of course, Scrivener has an ability that Finder does not: the ability to see all of these comments as a part of the item’s special icon (or what we contrive to call an “index card” on a “corkboard”), in a list. That’s great, but it should be seen as greater accessibility for this type of notation, rather than an invitation to use it for content.

I agree with DavidC. I’m writing the first draft of my novel, and I use a new document for each day’s writing. I use the index card to write out a synopsis of the things I hope to cover that day (this increases my daily word count and words per hour by multiples!). It would be great to be able to hit return after each item, rather than having to have one long paragraph.

I LOVE Scrivener! Thanks so much!!

PS Amber suggested Document notes, but this defeats the purpose of being able to look over your cards and see what scenes/events are covered in each document. Thanks again!

Thanks! Glad to hear you like the software.

That doesn’t require rich text formatting. You could use the Inspector for longer synopses, use Opt-return while typing on the Corkboard or finally, if you prefer to not use Opt-return, there is an option in the Navigation preference pane under the “Return Key” section, Ends editing synopsis in corkboard and outliner. Disable that, and now you can more easily insert new lines in cards. You’ll need to use the Esc key to complete editing a card, instead of Return.

I would say that what you’re using the synopsis for is pretty much what it was designed for, the suggestion to take a look at Document Notes was meant for someone looking to record rich text snippets of text in them, specifically.