Formatting part of a title in italics

Hi everyone,

I have looked for an answer and can’t find one, so I thought I’d try here :slight_smile:

I need to format a part of a title because I have film titles in my titles that need to be in italics.

I tried using mark down, for example: The Story of Citizen Kane to have Citizen Kane in Italics, but that doesn’t work.

Is there a way to achieve this?



In the image below…

  1. The title in the binder, using MMD

  2. The file / title loaded in scrivenings

  3. The title previewed with Marked 2, showing rendered italics

[attachment=0]MMD Italics.png[/attachment]

Which part isn’t working for you?


Briar Kit

Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply with such detail.

What doesn’t work is that when I do this, I end up with the * in the compiled document (compiling to PDF), exactly where I put them in the binder. That’s why I was wondering if markdown worked in titles.

Is there an option somewhere that could disable markdown in titles? Or does it work only in folders (chapters) and not in document titles (sub-headings)?

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Hi Manni

Scrivener doesn’t offer a direct MMD to PDF compile option.

[attachment=0]MMD compile.png[/attachment]

If you don’t have something like Marked 2—which can take the Scrivener file and output to PDF—you can output from Scrivener to RTF, open the RTF file in an external editor, and then create a PDF with the italics as you want. Sample attached.

Hope this helps


Briar Kit

Thanks a lot, that would explain it.

Unfortunately, I’m using Scrivener for this project as a master to generate e-book (for the print book formatting, I export to word and send the word document to the designer).

So it looks like I will have to do without italics in the titles for the ebook (I checked and markdown isn’t interpreted when I create the mobi either).

When I export to word for my designer, I’ll just add the italics manually, there are not that many titles that need it.

It would be nice if Scrivener was able to interpret markdown in titles, more flexibility would be great.

Thanks again for all your help, much appreciated.


Understood. Perhaps someone else will come up with a better solution than I did.

Happy writing.


Briar Kit