Formatting preset and synching between computers

A question about formatting presets. I use Spideroak to sync (and backup) files – and it works beautifully with my Scrivener projects. There is, however, one glitch: I have defined my own formatting presets (named, for instance, “Body Text” and “Block Quotation”). These do not seem to carry over with the project. So, for instance, if I open “Test.scriv” on my laptop, create a new preset (let’s call it “Test Preset”), and then close “Test.scriv”, allow it to synch, and then open it on my desktop, all the content of my project is there on my desktop – but if I want to apply a preset, I don’t seem to have access to the ones I created on my laptop. (The presets I have applied on my laptop remain applied, of course…)

I hope that’s not too muddled a description of what I’m seeing. Now, here’s what I would like: I would like to be able to synch projects and the format presets that I’ve created. Is this possible? Where does Scrivener store the settings for formatting presets? Is there a file that I need to sync in addition to the .scriv file?

Many thanks,


André, formatting presets are application level settings, not specific to the project. The Styles.plist file is located in the application support folder. You can get there easily via the main Scrivener application menu. There is a command to reveal the support folder there. You may find other things in this folder that you wish to have SpiderOak back up, too.

This may not be something worth synchronising, but I guess that depends on how often you change these things. I haven’t updated my preferred format presets in ages, so when I make a change I just copy the file over by hand.

Many thanks – that’s exactly what I was looking for. I don’t need to sync these setting often, but it’s nice to be able to copy a file from one machine to the other to be sure that I have consistent presets.

Thanks again.