Formatting preset ignoring italics/not italics change

I set a new preset called “Dialog” to place all series of dialog in a certain format (Indented, in italics) so I can return later to add quotation marks and any other punctuation I miss while on a roll. It is critical for writing dialog that I can just keep typing as though I am hearing the conversation in front of me without having to hold [Shift+"] before and after every sentence.

This solution has been working sufficiently for a while, but when I switch back to body in order to start typing the body of the document again, it does not drop the italics portion of the format. It only resets the margin back to the correct spot but keeps the text in italics. I have set Body to be without italics and Dialog to be with italics. In fact, I did not set Body at all; I just left it as its default. Let me know if you need any more description. Thanks.

This isn’t a bug. “Body” is just a paragraph format (as you can see from the icon next to it, which just shows the paragraph marker and not an “a” for character formatting), so it has no effect on the font. You can modify it to do so, or create another “Body” element that includes character formatting, though.

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Got it, thanks. Makes sense, although I have no idea yet how I will make use of it. I’m sure it will come in handy.

Is there any way to demote this thread so it doesn’t add to the clutter? I find it frustrating to be navigating a forum for an answer I am sure is there but is obstructed by so many unrelated or useless threads (like this one, unfortunately). You can delete it if you want. Thanks again.