Formatting preset - Second Editor versus First Editor

I just ran into something interesting. I had my editor split in two so I could look at one node while editing another. I actually wanted a font / paragraph style from the second one. Well, I went to Formatting->New Present from Selection and then tried to save the style I like. Except when I pulled it up to use it, it looked like my normal formatting. It wasn’t until I de-split the screen by focusing on the secondary node and then highlighted and saved the style I wanted that I could get this to work.

My apologies if this is a duplicate post. I did a brief post, but didn’t see anything simliar.

When you split the editor, the header bar of the focussed editor should turn blue. It’s the selection in this focussed editor that would be used when creating a new preset. This worked as expected when I tested, so I’m wondering if the problem you experienced was just that the focus wasn’t in the editor you expected. If not, could you give step by step instructions for reproducing the case where the preset isn’t saving correctly?

Yeah, you’re right I might have not have had the right frame selected. Sorry for the false alarm.