Formatting Presets don't retain internal italics


I’m attempting to set up a standard paragraph format for editing documents and need to follow a house-specific style—single space, 12-point Times New Roman, first line indented, no extra spaces between paragraphs.

Easily done, of course: Just copy in a properly formatted paragraph, re-dub it Body, and good to go.

Except that when I do this, and apply the Body preset to subsequent paragraphs, all internal character formatting–italics, bold face, small caps–disappears and must be re-entered manually. Which, over the course of editing the magazine (now being done entirely in Scrivener, before it goes to the propeller-heads using InDesign), could torpedo this experimental abandonment of Word as the editing vehicle of choice. So far (90 percent through a 176-page issue), Scrivener is far better at this than Word has been over the past 16 years, but this one little thing could easily add a dozen hours of editing time to each issue, and cause me to miss an author’s intent when he or she italicizes a word, the preset, kills it, and I don’t pick it up.

Am I just missing a command somewhere? Or is this an Apple text-engine bit of user-unfriendliness?

When you define or redefine the format, make sure you choose only to save the paragraph style:

All the best,

Yup: That works.

There’s always a way.


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